Spray Foam

Transform Your Space for Ultimate Comfort with Spray Foam Insulation

Comfort is just a step away. Explore how our spray foam insulation can bring you unmatched comfort and superior energy efficiency. At Northland, we’re guided by our house rules: punctuality, excellence, and leaving your space spotless upon completion.

Innovation Meets Practicality

Minnesota’s harsh winters, lasting up to nine months, call for a game-changing solution: Northland’s unique 2lb Closed-Cell Foam. This isn’t just any traditional insulation. Northland’s spray foam forms a seamless barrier, significantly reducing heat leaks. Imagine a snug home in winter and a fantastic retreat in summer. Consistent temperatures and lower energy bills? Now, that’s something everyone loves.

Supercharging Businesses: Helping Businesses Thrive

Minnesota’s diverse ecosystem hosts businesses of all sizes. That’s why Northland tailors our high-density spray foam to meet the unique demands of commercial applications. Whether it’s a flat roof, a barn, or an industrial setting, our solutions offer robust protection against environmental factors, boosting durability and efficiency.

Embrace a more innovative way of living with Northland. Fill out a quote; we’d love to help you, neighbor.

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